Beginner Tutorial
​Start with your first legendary or monster and make it strong then rule the battlefield and do quests to become rich and strong ! Make friends and play with them. Inviting friends make you get awesome things ! After inviting some friends ( minimum 1 - 2 ) Contact our support and wait till you get a response !.

​-Humans tutorial :
​Assasins are powerful humans in term of damage. they deal huge amount of damage and they can dodge.

​ Pros :                                                          
​-Alot of damage

​Cons : 
​- Vulnerable
​-No defense 

​-Tanks are heavy and powerful in term of defense. They can held a ton of damage ( depend on abilities you choose ) They are supportive and deal a reasonable amount of damage !.

​Pros :
​-Very good defense
​-Good life
​-Reasonable damage

​Cons :
​-Easily countered by Archers.
​-Slow against assasins ( this matchup is 50 - 50 )

​Archers are powerful in term of control-speed. They can dodge more than assasins and have range attacks and they control situations.
​Pros :
​- Range attacks
​- Good control of situations/battles
​- Alot of dodges

​Cons :
​- Terrible life ( less than an assasin )
​- Pretty hard.

​Fighters are balanced 

​Pros :
​-Medium Life/Damage/Defense
​-Very good abilities in term of utility and damage
​-Have Healing and Shields.

​Cons :
​- Again, Easily Countered by Archers ( depend of abilities and fighter )
​- Everything is medium while others have their main Very good.

​Legends :

​Control Wizards are powerful in term of Control. 

​Pros :
​- Dodges 
​-They can heal and upgrade their stats and abilities
​-Interesting character

​Cons :
​-Terrible Damage/Life
​- Easily killed by anykind of legend and human if not known how to play.
​-Hard. Need to be learned then played in multiplayer.

​Magic Souls are powerful in term of damage/control

​Pros :
​- medium damage
​- They can dodge the next attacks after doing damage.

​Cons :
​- The lowest life in the game? terrible
​-Not having its main rank. Not high damage neither control or life defense....

​Dark Souls are powerful in term of control/manipulation

​Pros :
​- Can control any situation by possesing enemies
​- Great in term of damage.

​Cons :
​- Low life
​- No defense at all.

​Witch are powerful in term of damage/control situations.

​Pros :
​- Huge damage
​- Heal himself or upgrade his damage or his abilities
​- Good in quests ( i think )

​Cons :
​- Hard
​- Bad life
​- Bad defense ( it have some defenses atleast )

​Also ! 
​There is no op monster every monster have its own Pros and Cons and we will keep updating about this.

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